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Care Ambulance is pleased to provide advanced life support Emergency Medical Services for privately contracted functions, sporting events and ground and aerial transfers. The types of calls can dramatically vary, so Care Ambulance paramedics and nurses are trained to function under an assortment of circumstances beyond the typical paramedic services. Care Ambulance paramedics are able to maintain proficient emergency care by providing care to nearly 10,000 patients each year, based on each paramedic's & nurse's patient contacts at their respective jobs.

If you have a need for medical coverage, please contact us:

Billing/Other questions: (319) 248-5507
Fax: (319) 338-7160
Ground Transport Services: (319) 512-8811
Air Medical Transport Services: 1 (888) 253-8247

Mailing address:

CareAmbulance, LLC
PO Box 261
Iowa City, IA 52244

Physical address:

CareAmbulance, LLC
1801 S. Riverside Dr.
Iowa City, IA 52246

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